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Your car will sparkle without harmful chemicals - at 15% off!
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  • Problem & Solution


    Problem: Using harmful chemicals to get your car clean isn’t good for you or the environment. In addition, you (or a car wash facility) could risk scratching your car if the wrong tools are used. Regular cotton cloths and towels aren’t a good option because they can’t pick up as much dirt, which means you may have to use several of them— and lots of water—to do the job well.

    Solution: The Car Wash Mitt gets your car clean and streak-free without scratching, using just one bucket of water. The thick chenille microfibre gently lifts dirt and grime up high and away from your car’s surface. And no harmful chemicals are washed into storm drains, which means a healthier environment for us all.


    Problem: You’ve just washed your car and it looks great, very shiny and gleaming. But if you don’t dry it quickly, water spots and streaks can form fast, marring the look of your vehicle.

    Solution: Use the Dry and Buff Car Cloth to quickly get your car dry, with no spots or streaks. The plush microfibre is super absorbent to get your entire car, truck or van dry fast and streak-free using a single cloth. The specially woven cloth will not scratch and works well to spot-buff and shine your ride to a gleaming finish.

  • How To Use
    • It’s best to hose the vehicle down from top to bottom to remove larger particles of dirt and grime. However, you can also wash your car with a single bucket of water
    • Wet the Car Wash Mitt and wring it out well. Then use the mitt to wash a quarter of the exterior of the vehicle at a time, working your way from top to bottom. Rinse the mitt as needed
    • Finish by drying each section of the vehicle as you go with the Car Cloth. Don’t forget the wheel rims!
    • Next, dry your vehicle to a streak-free shine by quickly rubbing a clean Dry and Buff Car Cloth over the entire exterior surface.
    • Reserving your Dry and Buff Car Cloth for use only when drying a clean vehicle will help ensure that particles of dirt and debris can never scratch the paint.
    • Do not use on anti-glare coated surfaces.
    • Always test in an inconspicuous place first.
  • Features & Benefits


    • Thick, plush fibres hold dirt and grime away from your car’s surface to reduce scratching
    • Super absorbent, so you can clean your entire car using just one bucket of water
    • Unique mitt design fits either hand
    • Enjoy a shiny clean car with less water and no chemicals
    • No need for harmful chemicals that can harm the environment
    • Saves money by eliminating expensive car-cleaning products
    • Saves on your water bill by using only a single bucket of water
    • Eliminates residual “chemical muck” left behind by typical cotton cloths and cleaning products
    • Open spaces in the fibres created by the splitting process in manufacturing allow the mitt to lift away maximum dirt and grime
    • Traps dirt and grime in the mitt and leaves the surface of your car cleaner, so you may not need to clean as often.


    • Constructed of double-sided Norwex Microfibre for custom finishing touches.
    • One side has plush, absorbent microfibre to dry your car quickly, preventing spots and streaks.
    • The other side features specially woven microfibre to spot-buff and shine.
    • Will not scratch paint*
    • No more streaks; car stays shiny and repels dust and dirt longer.  
    • Great for cars, trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles and more.
    • Dries quickly so it’s ready to use again when you are.
  • Did You Know?

    According to

    • When you wash your car, it is important to avoid generic cleaners such as detergent and soap.  Always stick to high-quality car cleaning products. Never use rough cleaning products or abrasive materials to clean the car.
    • After cleaning the car, it is important to wipe it down thoroughly and remove all the moisture. This will remove water spots and also protect the car paint from accumulated moisture.

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